Teach English in GAntang Zhen - Loudi Shi

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IPORNTANCES OF LEARNING TEACTHING SKILLS. In my opinion it wasvery resourceful to Learnt and have vast knowledge that come up with a major aim of mastering the teaching skills. as a teacher,changing some ones life permanently for better that is thier personality and mind is driving force.Every good teacher should make sure that the students are progressively understanding and learning.Teaching is a rewarding thing to do and it requires diffrent skills to be successful in this career.These skills incude; Technical fundamental skills to operate electronic equipments in the study environment.equipments like over head projectors and others that need some extra skill.i have learnt this both theory and practices the same hence becoming confident in front of my students. Communication skills and enjoying to communicate with others is so vital.interpersonal skills that include presentation and effective skills are imporntant to learn understand and put them in practice for a better teaching carrier. Have confidence and look professional, this doesn't mean to be too serious for class,the skill of balancing professionalism and being friendly and fun to the students should balance. Organisational skills that are necessary to organize students in groups,knowing how come up with diffrent levels of learners in one class. In this aspect you can organize groups and pair up weak students with the quick learners.this needs good organisationalkills that do not demotivate the weak students in any way.good organisational skills can motivate students and hence increasing their interest in the lesson. Patience and skills for dealing with conflict.as some students .red to told to work harder, or may be some disagreements that may be between students and you may need to solve.This requires some special skill so that it doesn't affect the targeted students motivation towards studies. Empasize with students and encouraging them with open motivational skills.at times by promoting students with slight difficuties, rewarding best performers so as encourage others to work hard. Give feedback as well as offer praise to the active students and criticism when it's due.it a skill needed to know when how to critical studying wrong. Group and work environent teamwork skill is also imporntant for teachers to learn.there might be challenges even in staff but the team work skills can help overcome everything. Transferable and coaching skills,this should be understood by teachers for example the tea herd whose foundation wasn't education field,after studying about this it has made much more confident and more successful in this teaching career. creativity. This was an important skill to learn teachers might be creative but their creativity won't match the classroom requirements.Here,the teacher should learn the skills and how to apply them to diffrent levels of learners. I studied diffrent books and I have gotten real class experience. This was not enough as I discovered many new skills for teaching during this course.so its imporntant to study and understand the diffrent skills as it help to have a successful teaching carrier. English language constitutes receptive and productive skill,the need to know that all are equally imporntant is every teacher's obligation. the skill for teaching the four skills has to be studied well and applied in the classroom. Teachers tend to neglect the writing skills and concentrate on speaking skill.this a wrong practice and the reason why think teachers should learn about the necessary skills and apply them efficiently. Predictive skills are imporntant to learn. In this unit I got a clear mind and I understood many skills like the scanning skill and how to effectively use text books. skiming skills are so imporntant,lesson will always be flowing to the best if teachers can learn how to apply these skill in a real class practically.