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After completing the CTEYL course I felt the importance of writing the summative task about parents’ role in education, as I believe that it’s at least 50% of success for the young learner. The family as a cell acts only with love and respect and it dominates the understanding, affection, sacrifice and childcare. (Emerllahu, Dali, 2001) So, in this way builds family environment, in which we live, laugh, play and develop children. (Claudia&Eberhard; Muhlan, 2008) Based on this I definitely can say that education starts at home, and parents are the first teachers that child meets. That’s why there should always be a balance between education at home and school, or any other learning center. As children proses of learning highly related to how they are treated at school and home. That’s why, I think, we could highlight advantages and disadvantages that we can meet on a way. To the benefits I would add that when parents involve themselves in the education proses of their children we usually see that they improve academic performance. Learners are more focused at their work that they have to complete at school. Those whose parents are involved never give up easily when they don’t understand something. Other benefits that we get includes improved self-esteem, positive social behavior and they have low levels of absenteeism and optimistic attitudes. Also, the team work teacher-parents has very positive effect on development young learners level. But on the other hand, we, unfortunately, also can mention negative effects that young learner can get. Here I would add that the relationship between learners and parents deteriorate because parents are always insisting that learners must always focus on their school work ( MC Neal, 2001:171). Parents can be extremely “pushy”, that can push away learners interest from studying or effect self-confidence of their children. Sometimes some parents calling the teacher all the time, to check whether their children attending their classes, what make learners feel untrusted, Or, for example, in Asian countries, teacher have to report every step that kids make in educational proses for some parents, and it really effects teachers, their work and children which can’t relax and enjoy the proses of learning, or being scared to say wrong and start all over again. So how can we actually help as a parent and how can we help our children in the education world? Let’s look at some options that we cave and what we all defiantly can do with our children and in that way, play important role in their education life. Practice with your kids; learn together; be supportive and trust your child; do homework together, and as parents you will have an opportunity to be aware of content of material the child is learning; show that ask for help is normal and everyone is able to make mistakes, and as a parent show how to fix the, and how to solve any problems that your child will face; spending time together will benefit both, and you can learn from each other; motivate and encourage your child; take part at parent-teacher activity, visit parents meeting, ask teacher for advice or help, don’t be shy of doing exercises and put yourself at the child’s position. And the most important be an example for your child that can benefit, inspire, motivate your child for success. In conclusion, I would like to say that anyone who takes part in children’s education play very important role, but none of them is that important as parents. As parents play the most important role in their life and their role in education equally important as in life.