Teach English in Maotang Zhen - Loudi Shi

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There is something special about a teacher. The role they play in a student’s life and education is undeniable. Just think about your school days and the role your teachers played on the rode you find yourself today. Teachers are psychiatrists, lawyers, mentors, moms, dads, doctors and so much more than just a teacher. A teacher must be able to do almost everything. The teacher has a big responsibility and must be eager to put his heart and soul into his/her calling. The classroom is not like some fancy, air conditioned office where you can just leave when you want a cup of coffee or to scroll on your Facebook page. No, it’s a stage where the teacher has the opportunity for a short while to play an important role in the shaping of the student’s future. To be a teacher is an important title that does not get the recognition it deserves. Teaching can be difficult at times but I think it must be very satisfying and rewarding to see how students get excited when they learn something new and how they progress. The teacher’s role is also to respect their students. Every student’s opinion must be seen as valuable. The teacher must create a classroom environment where the student plays an important role, feel safe and encouraged to depend on each other for help when necessary and to express their views. It is also important for the teacher to be warm, kind, enthusiastic and accessible. The teacher must care about his/her students and also make them feel comfortable to ask questions when they are unsure. The role of a teacher is to expect the best of their students and to show that they care, otherwise the students won’t care. A teacher should inspire the students to learn with the same passion that the teacher shows in his/her teaching and lessons. Teachers roles must also include being a good leader that focus on the making of good decisions. A teacher should be flexible i.e. when a lesson does not go as planned, he/she must be able to quickly change to plan B that works better. In the teachers’ role it is important to always be professional, organized and prepared. Their planning must be in order. They must set a good example in the way he/she communicates with students and fellow teachers. Effective discipline is also very important because it sets a positive atmosphere in the classroom. Teachers must be able to give clear instructions and to help students learn. It is also important that the teacher is able to create effective lessons, they must be able to grade the work of the students and give the necessary feedback. It’s also important to be familiar with the student’s circumstances to understand if their grades is not up to standard, then you know how to handle the situation. It is important for a teacher to understand that their students are the future, no matter in what country they are. It is in the hands of the teacher to help sculpting students to be the best they can be and to always give their best for their students. The future relies on us. What an privilege it must be to be in such a very important role in another human being’s life.