Teach English in Shichongkou Zhen - Loudi Shi

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It is common knowledge that teachers play a crucial role in fostering the intellectual and social development of students during their formative years. The education that students receive is key to determining the future of those students. Whether in kindergarten, elementary school, high school or in private schools, teachers provide the tools and the environment required for their students to develop into responsible, conscientious students. Teachers act in many different roles such as motivators, leaders, role-models, mentors and—most importantly—a good friend to their students. Furthermore, teachers serve as facilitators or coaches, using classroom materials, presentations or individual instruction to help students learn and apply concepts. It is undeniable that teachers fill many roles essential to a student's development. Below, I would like to briefly share my concepts of a teacher in two different roles. The first role is the teacher who opens the doors of knowledge to new opportunities for every student. I would like to call it a Knowledge Explorer. The Knowledge Explorer is patient, motivating, and specific. They help students think critically and logically. They are a builder of a brave environment, one where students are not afraid to express their opinions, ideas, plans, and even individual work because the students know they can rely on Knowledge Explorer and that, no matter what, they will believe in them. Most importantly, though, Knowledge Explorer is productive. They make lessons that are easy to understand. They deliver essential knowledge. They know how to work with large and small groups of students or even individual students. Knowledge Explorer is a practical troubleshooter. Furthermore, they know how to teach difficult subjects with ease, such as math, algebra, chemistry, physics, and even complex language grammar. The second role would be the role of Creativity Explorer. Creativity Explorer likes this quote by Benny Goodman: “Creativity grows out of two things: curiosity and imagination.''. This is a role where the teacher opens the door of various discoveries, where students are always searching for new things to learn. Their lessons are easy-going and constantly engaging. They are funny and attentive. The teacher is the builder of a warm environment, where students learn the nuts and bolts of teamwork and leadership. During their lessons, Creativity Explorer helps students discover their own talents and skills and directs them in a positive way. Students are free to fully express themselves and their creativity. Creativity Explorer provides students a number of different activities for brainstorming. Also, students are always welcome to talk to Creativity Explorer, as they strive to be the best friend of each student. From my point of view, Knowledge Explorer and Creativity Explorer should come together using their strengths and weakness to always help each other in the classroom. As you may understand, the roles of Knowledge Explorer and Creativity Explorer are two different people, observed commonly as one with a dominant “left brain” or a dominant “right-brain”, but I believe that the stamp of a great teacher is someone that can embody both characteristics. The depiction of the roles that were written in this essay is a result of my own personal observation in my teacher's lessons. This teacher managed to combine the two roles as described above, resulting in a person who had both the tools and the heart to inspire me and have a great impact on my life. In conclusion, it is these such teachers that have the ability to play an important role in our life to become successful people. A good teacher results in not only good students but good human beings.