Teach English in Wentang Zhen - Loudi Shi

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Being able to communicate in English is probably one of the most beneficial things anybody in the world could be able to do today, especially if you are wanting to work, or simply explore in any field on the international level. It is one of the most widely spoken languages and one of the fastest growing in the entire world. So much in fact that in many countries English is a required academic course in their school curriculum, sometimes starting from as young as the age of 5 and carrying all the way through to college. I believe that one reason for this, and possibly the biggest one out there, is the fact that most countries in the world who are trying to be more modern want to become as westernized as possible. What does it mean to become westernized? Basically, it means to be like America. A lot of countries view America as the land of opportunity, as does the country itself. You could call it the melting pot of the world. So many individuals and families from all over the globe move to America to seek the better life that it promises it’s civilians. This factor draws people in, and motivates them to learn the language, English. It makes sense that you will learn a language when you move to the native country of where it comes from, but what about the ones who stay in their homeland? Is the want of knowing the English language still just as high, even if they don’t have a desire to move out of their home country? The answer is yes. Hence the possibility of this entire course, and why teaching English in different countries has become so popular. They make English immersion schools, and bring in native and even non-native English speakers because people want to know English just that bad. Parents will pay thousands of dollars every year for their kids to be able to go to these schools because they see it as an incredible opportunity, and one they should not miss. Now, obviously there are case to case scenarios where a person may not need to use English in their life ever. Let’s give an example of a Spanish girl. Born and raised in Mexico, she grows up to love her country and everything there. She eventually marries a great partner and has children. She gets a job as a doctor or a store clerk or whatever it may be, and only goes about her day using her native language. There is no desire for her to speak English, and why would there be? In her mind she doesn’t find the change necessary. She would never need to use English, unless if maybe she decides to travel for vacation, it may benefit her then depending on where she goes of course. You can apply this scenario to anybody in any country. Because there are so many of these kinds of cases out there! It’s totally normal and okay. Some people may just not have the desire to learn another language. But, if somebody wake ups one day and does decide that they want to learn a second language and English is not what they grew up speaking, it will without a doubt be on the list of suggestions for what language they should learn, if not the number one suggestion. Looking at it from a business perspective, English has become the most popular language in trade across the globe. If you get a corporate job and want to climb to the top, your employers will tell you to learn English if you haven’t already. Not just English but GOOD English. This is why those parents I was referencing earlier will pay top dollar for their children to go to an English immersion school. And typically, the more expensive schools have all native speaking teachers. Because when it comes to a global perspective, it’s not just the language but the quality of the language you are learning. Picture this, you are a super important business man or women, say working for a big company such as a name brand car company. You are in charge of flying over seas, meeting with the other super important business persons and going to make a deal on how many cars you’ll allow to come through on the next ship out of the cars. All the people you are meeting with speak English, and you had to learn it as a second language. What happens in that meeting if your tongue is sloppy, or you mispronounce some words, or just simply don’t make a lot of sense? You will actually lose respect from the other business people. If you are in such a professional position, everything about you is expected to be professional, including the way you talk. Most of the world does business in English, and this will only trickle down into day to day speak as time goes on. Business or not, if you are meeting will people who all speak the language being used at the time you better be able to speak it well, and make your point clear that you are trying to make in the first place. You will be seen as a hard-working individual and be shown respect. The chances of you running into a situation where you need to speak English over any other language in the world is extremely high. It’s better to be prepared now! This is the importance of teaching, speaking, and learning English and why it can easily be considered ‘The global language’.