Teach English in Baishuihu (NanchAng Jingji Jishu KAifAqu) Guanlichu - Nanchang Shi

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A paramount material of a teacher particularly a fresh one, is a good well-organised lesson plan. A lesson plan in general functions as a guide near the teacher's hand whereby he lead the lesson direction and controls its flow in a certain manner,otherwise he will be messing around or be spontaneous which may confuse the students or confuse even the instructor. Spontaneous orientation, however, can be very effective in many situations but it requires a very high experience, consciousness anderudity in the teaching field. Personally, what i may find very difficult to apply is the timing, as the teacher has around fifyt minutes and various activities and objectices to reach by the end of the course. So yes there is difficulyt in managing time throughout the course as any obstacle may come about.