Teach English in Chunxi Zhen - Nanjing Shi

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The best thing I've learned from my TEFL/TESOL course. Needless to say that I have learned many things throughout the TEFL/TESOL course.To start with no teacher is expected to be a walking grammar reference book and know absolutely everything, but if you do not know anything, you are likely to lose the confidence of your students.Therefore, as teacher you have to build up your grammar knowledge. The grammar content which the course covered was quite critical and sufficient. Another point worth noting is that the course explains the English language teaching Theories, methods and techniques and give a good view of the pros and cons for each easy one. On the top of that the course explains Engage-Study-Activate , which is the most effective and the most logical of all the methodologies for teachers to learn and apply in the classroom. I was really surprised that I used to follow it before even taking the course. The course shared a lot of ideas about each phase of Engage-Study-Activate. Furthermore, I have learned about many different aspects of classroom management. Like classroom arrangement, establishing rapport students and how to use your voice effectively.Also it takes a look at the complex subject of classroom discipline. However, for a class to be able to learn effectively the teacher must be able to inspire confidence in the students.Teacher must know when to be firm and when to leave the students alone. In other words the teacher must be flexible and change his/her role according to the activity and situation without being dominant or leaving the students uncertain. Also Classroom Management is the skill of organising and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. What is more, I have learned that writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions: 1 An aid to planning Writing down what you expect the students to achieve by the end of the lesson, and how you intend to make that possible, helps you to think logically through the stages in relation to available time. 2 A working document A lesson plan helps you to keep on target and gives you something to refer to during the lesson. However, it should not stop you from being flexible and responding to the needs of the class. For example, if the class is really enjoying a particular activity, the teacher will probably want to extend the time allocated to that task and maybe postpone other tasks until a later lesson. 3 A record A lesson plan acts as a record of what a class has done and which materials have been used. Are you likely to remember what each class did six months ago if you haven't made a record of it? Recording class content will also help if you are ill and another teacher has to cover your classes. Last but not least, I have learned that teacher aids are very important for classes. Though many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. Different schools, of course, have different resources available to teachers. Finally, I have really gained a deep understanding for the methods of teaching special group, specially the method of teaching children It is perhaps fair to say that teaching children can be one of the most rewarding of all student classes to teach. Children possess an innate curiosity, which is in itself a motivating factor. From an early age children are accustomed to listening to their parents and other family members patiently repeating single words while the child focuses on real objects, people or activities taking place. The parents talk about the child's daily routine and its surroundings repeatedly. In conclusion, the course I have learned a lot during TEFL/TESOL course. I would like to thank everyone, who worked to make this course available and shared the knowledge. In fact I would like to recommend the course to all colleagues.