Teach English in Jingqiao Zhen - Nanjing Shi

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It is important to teach the productive skills of speaking and writing because it allows students to understand English in terms of utilizing it vocally while speaking with others and knowing how to write in English puts students at an advantage when seeking out a job in an English-speaking country. It can also help students get into a university. Teaching the productive skills of speaking and writing enhances the student’s learning skills and it helps them integrate the practice of gaining fluency within the English language. If the teacher structures lessons that focus on a high student talk time and constantly encourages students to engage in group work, then they will be more likely to feel comfortable with speaking English on a daily basis. Teaching students how to write in English is also vitally important because it is the foundation of many forms of communication such as writing emails, filling out paperwork, writing essays, applying for jobs, applying for college, and text messaging with friends as well as co-workers. As a teacher, it is important to incorporate various teaching activities into lessons when teaching speaking and writing because it provides opportunities for students to learn new concepts in different situations, and it allows the teacher to gain a better understanding of each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Once a teacher is aware of which parts of speech students are struggling with when creating sentences verbally, then the teacher can help with pronunciation practice through repetitive drilling during the study phase of a lesson and students can be given worksheets in order to practice creating sentences on paper and learning the proper forms of grammar within the sentences. Teaching students the necessary skills to write is very important because being accurate in writing allows people to voice their thoughts and ideas on paper instead of expressing it vocally through speaking; however, since writing is a skill best developed through practice on paper, lots of teachers decide to delegate it as a homework assignment. The issue with assigning writing as homework is that students may not always complete it, and as a result, the skill of writing does not get mastered as well as it should during the course of an English class. As an English teacher instructing students on the productive skills of speaking and writing, it will be important to adapt each lesson throughout the course to specifically fit the needs of the students and motivate students to communicate with one another within the classroom as well as have them feel comfortable with asking the teacher questions whenever necessary. A significant part of teaching speaking skills is remembering that misunderstandings are easier to correct when talking with another person instead of writing because each person is face to face with the other party hearing what they have to say instead of reading something which they wrote and trying to properly interpret what it meant. Teaching students’ fluency during an activate activity will help them be able to experiment more with the language and get a better feeling for how to naturally make their sentences flow when interacting with another person. If students are able to utilize the English language in a controlled manner through their proper understanding of it, then it will be easier for them to get creative with the language. Teaching writing and speaking skills in the classroom has a major impact in students’ lives because what they learn during the course will pave the way for their future. Knowing how to speak and write in English is an extremely valuable skill since many countries require their students to not only know their native language but also know English because it is very popular throughout the world. Some helpful ways for teachers to facilitate their students in learning to talk in English include drilling, prompting, guided role-play, discussions, communication games, and dialogues. Drilling is a really effective tool which is important when teaching students to speak in English since students learn to say the word through repetition and it allows students to feel safe practicing their pronunciation of it without feeling like their mistakes will be noticeable by their peers. Prompting can also be very effective in teaching English speaking skills because having a question thought of ahead of time for the students in the class to answer helps facilitate a discussion, and it can be a great way to introduce a new topic for the engage stage of a lesson. If students get busy sharing their ideas in English while talking with their classmates, then it easily facilitates class communication amongst everyone. It’s important to help students learn how to plan their ideas in a logical sequence before they begin writing in order for the words they form to sound well together within a sentence. Once students learn to use the English language effectively, the productive skill of writing will improve after teachers offer the necessary feedback in order to assist students in strengthening their knowledge of spelling, punctuation, the writing format, and continuously encourage students to improve upon their handwriting skills. Another reason that it is important to teach students how to speak and write in English is because many people around the world will be in the process of studying English and thus, there is a large demand for people who are familiar with the English language whether students wish to become an English teacher in the future or pursue another career path. As an English teacher, it is of vital importance to teach students how to talk and write in English since it will help them if they go traveling to different countries. Finally, it is beneficial for students learning English to be aware of the common phrases used in speaking for travel purposes such as when they are going to the airport and understanding notifications about important information, asking for directions to a certain location, or writing a postcard to their friends and relatives.