Teach English in Lishui KAifAqu - Nanjing Shi

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THE BENEFIT OF VOLUNTEER TEACHING Volunteer teaching is very meaningful. It benefits for both the community and the volunteers themselves. When someone offers their time to volunteer teaching, the difference made is prodigious and it can make a community for better while the experience improves the volunteers themselves. Volunteer teaching can make a community for better with some following benefits. Firstly, volunteer teaching is a kind of activity that makes a community for better because it brings many people of the world together to work and reach one goal. The most common way to volunteer teaching is teaching of English as a foreign language, or teaching English to speakers of other languages. Even if volunteers are often limited in teaching English, they can still do make it happen because there are numerous kinds of English teaching works in many countries around the world. For example, it is volunteer English teaching in developing communities in Africa, where learning English can be a hopeful way to restrict poverty, or it is volunteer English teaching for children of a non- profit organization in Vietnam. Even volunteer can teach English for free to the generation of business tycoons in China. The variety of options for volunteer teaching means volunteer can devote much more to a community. Community life is improved by many people working for more works done efficiently. Secondly, volunteer teaching might also help language learning skills of a community being enhanced. Take an example, volunteer involves in English teaching at a kindergarten in Vietnam. They make a class being as fun and engaging as possible with a variety of games and topics. Their lesson focus on interactive learning songs and games, listening and speaking practice, and indoor and outdoor fun activities related to the topic. The aim of their lesson is to inspire the children to love learning English. Having passion for learning, the children can improve their English skills and help them gain access to better education. Thirdly, when a person donates their time in teaching for free, they give hope to someone who needs it. Specific examples is some rural children in Northwest of Vietnam have no chance to study because there is no school and teacher. Volunteers can make it happen as well, they come and teach them right at their home. Seeing the children able to read and write, it is the joy and hope for their parents and children themselves. One more benefit of volunteer teaching can make a community for better. That is volunteer teaching can also help someone get a better job. Today, English is a global language in communication. So getting English skills of intermediate level, a rural person can get a job in a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a homestay and volunteers do make it happen, too. They do have conversation English class for free at coffee shop and homestay. Volunteer know that they can make a positive impact on someone is an emotional experience which can never be bought by money. Because volunteer does not do voluntary work to be honored, they do it with their enthusiasm and generosity. Finally, volunteer teaching benefits for the community as well as for volunteer themselves. Volunteer realizes how their contribution has made a difference. The experience contributes to personal growth, especially in some areas such as self-improvement, self-confidence and self-esteem that often progress during volunteering experiences. Volunteer teaching now means to get a better career in teaching in the future. When volunteer teaching, volunteer gets a lot of classroom experiences, works with different age of groups, and has the opportunity to learn different teaching techniques and lots of things from a community. Volunteer teaching strengthens present skills as well which include communication skills, ability to work with others, ability to take direction and lead others, time management and dedication. That skills are necessary to a volunteer can get a better job as becoming a teacher, principal, or minister of education someday. In addition, an active volunteer work on a resume, volunteers are much more likely to be employed rather than someone who doesn’t do volunteering. Employers will realize that most volunteers who offer their time, prioritize their schedule and their own pleasures for benefits of the community are kind, honest and hardworking people. Volunteer teaching not only bring benefit and happiness to people, but it also leads to spiritual and personal growth. Volunteer understands that the more love and time they give and the more happiness they receive, and they also will receive much more other invaluable experience. Let volunteering as soon as we can and donate our handful of time to make our community and our world better.