Teach English in Qixia Jingji KAifAqu - Nanjing Shi

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The role of a teacher has morphed and modernized over time. Social etiquette, education requirements and cultural diversity have all been influences. Students can spend a lot of time over the years in a classroom and a teacher plays a major role in their growth and development. The teacher’s purpose in a classroom goes far beyond dispensing textbook knowledge to their students. A teacher can be a role model. Setting a good example in the classroom can educate students far beyond the subject material. Arriving on time, being prepared, having a warm and approachable nature are all ways to be a positive leader. The conduct of a teacher in a challenging situation can shed light to students on how to appropriately manage problems and dissolve conflict. A teacher who shows patience, compassion and compromise will encourage students to use similar behaviors. Issuing homework or short-term projects can teach students how to manage their time and be organized. Getting students to work in groups can teach them to use communication and collaboration. Involve students in the responsibilities of the classroom such as preparing for an activity or passing out worksheets to evoke an association with teamwork and unity. Constructively challenging their approach can provide a space for reflection and improvements. Using these practices will result in the students building lifelong skills that can carry them beyond the classroom. A teacher can play the role of a mentor. Building a rapport with students can help teachers establish boundaries and gain a respectful relationship with their students. Forming a connection is key and developing harmony can create healthy social behaviors amongst the class. The generosity of a teacher is noticed through the time and effort they spend in sharing their knowledge and advice. A teacher who can emote confidence and personality throughout their lesson plans will keep their students engaged and present. A teacher can bring a lot of personal touches in the classroom if they learn about their students. They can adapt activities to meet a variety of interests and abilities. Teachers can build trust through active listening and communicating with their students. By providing a space for them to speak freely, a teacher can offer guidance and support. A teacher is a great source of inspiration. Creating a fun learning environment can motivate students to reach their potential. A teacher can utilize various techniques to foster dreams and promote development. Discussing goals or future careers can provide students with stimuli and insight into achieving their goals. A teacher has great influence over a student’s relationship with learning. They can discover the power of controlling their own educational experience. Students can apply the skills they have learned to contribute to their classrooms and their communities. Students are curious and a teacher can inspire them to seek knowledge through discovery and exploration. A teacher teaches. Not only as an educator but also as an inspirational mentor and role model. A respected and successful teacher has a positive impact on the eager minds of their students and is involved in contributing to their development intellectually and emotionally.