Teach English in Xinhuang Zhen - Nanjing Shi

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Teaching English for the first time is one of the scariest experiences because everything that is involved. Many times when you start you do not know all the materials that are available. When you teach private lessons to different level students, it is quite challenging to prepare for the classes. And when you work in an academy or school usually the materials are provided but sometimes they bury you under thousands of options expecting you to choose the one you prefer. Apart from the overwhelming choice of the books and materials, you have to think about the responsibility that comes with teaching. From now on you will get paid for a job and people will expect to see results. Your responsibility is to teach in an effective way but also in an enjoyable setting so the students keep the motivation to finish the course. At this point you have several options: just jump into the unknown and learn from your own experiences, ask teachers with a long-term career or get all the training you can. The first option is not the most advisable since, as mentioned earlier, you have a responsibility towards the students and experiment with them will be detrimental to their learning process. Getting all the training possible is relatively easy because there are many companies and academies that offer onsite or online courses. They offer you guidelines on how to prepare the classes, what are good materials and where to find them. What techniques you can use to be more effective. How to manage a class. These companies have the experience of many teachers through their careers, so they are reliable. You just need to choose a reputable one. If you have already started teaching, you can ask your workmates what do they do in their classes, also how do they manage certain situations or how to explain more complicated subjects. How do they plan their classes so they get good results and they enjoy at the same time, etc. For an early career teacher, the most important thing is good motivation and better preparation. If you have the good motivation for teaching, you will be a good teacher. English teachers have to deal with people. Young or adults, private lessons or groups, school homework or business courses, etc. All different but at the end of the day, people who wants to learn another language for one reason or another. English teachers are qualified to help them reach their goal. This motivation will help you to prepare each class as if it was the first one, with a conscious and thorough effort. Having the appropriate tools to do so it is a must. Is for this reason that these specialized companies can be very useful in this regard. They are aware of the newest tools and the new methodologies. They can equip you with the knowledge you need to prepare yourself once you start. Experienced teachers are also a source of information because most surely during their career they have had the opportunity to use different tools and they know what works and what doesn’t work. In summary, early career teachers need to have confidence in their training, good motivation and thorough preparation. Along with a humble attitude, always ready to learn from their mistakes and keep acquiring more and more knowledge so to keep offering their best to the students.