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The Cambridge Dictionary online has defined grammar to be the study of the way words are used to make sentences. YourDictionary.com defines Grammar as "the study of the way words are used to make sentences". People speak as a way of communication most often than not, though there are several other means of communication. In speaking, words are used to express oneself. The words are used carefully in sentences so as to convey to intended meaning from the sender to the listener and vice versa. In order to make meaning out of the words we use in a sentence, certain rules are followed. The definitions of grammar by the Cambridge Dictionary and Your Dictionary imply this very truth about rules regarding the usage of words. Someone may study lots and lots of vocabulary but without the right usage will carry no meaning to those receive messages from the sender. People speak as a way of communication most often than not, though there are several other means of My experience with the teaching and learning of English is that, in most cases which quite usual in China where I find myself currently, most English schools focus on teaching words and some expressions to their learners. Learners know so many words but lack the ability to use the words in proper correct sentences simply because they do not know the rules governing the use of the words they know. In cases where expressions are taught, the learners are made to learn them as they are without teaching the grammar rules that make the expression so. The result of this kind of teaching and learning is that there is lots of grammatically incorrect language which makes the language quite unpleasant to listen to. In my experience in teaching English in China, there have notions on the subject of grammar and whether it is a necessary requirement for the teaching and learning of the English Language. Some hold that learners should be taught words and expressions to use in situations. Examples include shopping, at the hospital, at school, the list goes on. Others hold the view that grammar should be the very foundation of the learning process. There are still yet others who think a blend of the no grammar and grammar is just fine especially when the learner does not need the language for technical examination purposes. Every language has a structure though there are exceptions, list able; learning the structures of every language gives any learner the best advantage at learning the language. Shirley and others argue and agree among many other reasons why teaching grammar is important for the English learner. Grammar makes it possible for anyone to organize and put their messages and ideas across in a manner that is understood by all. Teaching grammar exposes the learner to the do and don’ts of the language enabling him or her to apply them in real-life communication. Grammar enables learners to pay attention to the form and structure of the target language and notice their own speech patterns that have been internalized in the said language. With a correct mix of grammar taught, vocabulary and conversationally, a teacher is able to automatically improve the level of learners oral ability to express themselves in English There are different types of learners. Learners growing in an English environment and those not are certainly the same. A very young learner by listening alone to the right expressions and words used learns a language without effort and recourse to the structure of the language. It is usually not the case for most ESL learners who take certain hours of English lessons weekly and do not have the opportunity of an English environment to learn naturally. Yes, so teaching grammar may seem a task but if taught in a fun way, like written earlier it naturally improves the oral skills of learners. Certainly teach grammar but use ways and means to make it conversational and fun to learn so that it doesn’t become to the learner another list of rules to cramp in. References https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/grammar https://www.yourdictionary.com/grammar http://www.wordsworthelt.com/blog/is-teaching-grammar-to-esl-learners-important/ https://www.teachingenglishgames.com/grammar-really-important-second-language-learners https://www.qualitytime-esl.com/spip.php?article131