Teach English in Nantong Shi

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Teach English in Baidian Zhen, Nantong Shi
A hurdle for those learning English as a second language is the tendency of native speakers to disregard the rules of the language and its precision in meaning
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Teach English in Baipu Zhen, Nantong Shi
During my experience of completing the 120-hours online TEFL course, a wide range of fundamental material, about teaching English to foreign language learners, was covered which includes classic teaching methodologies, techniques and theories, fundamental English grammar points and their respective teaching strategies, as well as many general suggestions of problem-solving during both academic teaching and class management
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Teach English in Bingcha Zhen, Nantong Shi
Reacting to the Reactive Student Teachers unprepared for an unruly student, or set of students, is misrepresented in an oblivious way, as novice teachers often are, and should acknowledge there will be instances where discipline is needed in the classroom
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Teach English in Chahe Zhen, Nantong Shi
According to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence, each person has different ways of learning and different intelligence they use in their daily lives
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Teach English in Changle Zhen, Nantong Shi
Over the course of 4 years teaching English to children from 6-10 years old, I realized that managing classroom is one of the vital keys to gaining successful lessons
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Teach English in Changqing Zhen, Nantong Shi
It could be argued that there are, in fact, no peculiarities in the English language but what are seen, by some to be at odds, are in fact quite the norm as every time one points out a rule in the language it can immediately be countermanded
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Teach English in Chengdong Zhen, Nantong Shi
This essay will aim to address the question, how to instill the love of reading in children? I will discuss how both parents and teachers can assist children in learning to love reading, and how if they work together, they can create children with a passion for reading
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Teach English in Dingyan Zhen, Nantong Shi
#88 Personal Teaching Experience I have experienced teaching adults in three mediums, at three separate intervals in my teaching career, which spans from 2010 to the present, ten years total
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Teach English in erjia Zhen, Nantong Shi
I’ve been frequently asked in interviews about one question: “In what ways do you think teaching adults and teaching younger students are different?” As an English teacher in China who have taught both children and adults before, I’ve experienced the changes and differences when teaching these two group of students
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