Teach English in Dawang Zhen - Sanmenxia Shi

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I feel that I have gained a lot from this course. Although I have previously taught english to 9 and 10 year olds ( monolingual students ) and have been provided with some material by the school, I now know how to plan each phase of the lesson and what the teacher should get his or her students to do during each phase. I have learned to plan different types of lessons ? straight ESA lesson, boomerang and patchwork lessons. The course provides useful teaching ideas, especially when teaching grammar. I have learned the phonetic alphabet during this course, something which I had never been taught before , despite having a university degree and learning three foreign languages. It has never been included in the syllabus of any course I?ve previously completed. The course unit was very helpful and I was pleased to be able to translate the script at the end of the unit. I feel that it is important for all language teachers and linguists to be aware of and to understand the phonetic alphabet as it is international and can help with the pronunciation of any word. The phonetic alphabet is something I may use in the future as a teacher and also as a linguist. The unit on special groups was interesting and helpful as there is a market for teaching business english in my country of residence and I would use the needs analysis for business english students and have a needs negotiation session with them. I have previously taught english to children but never to business people and I now know how to establish the level and needs of business english students.