Teach English in GuAnpo Zhen - Sanmenxia Shi

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I would have to say, that the biggest benefit I gained from this course is the Lesson Plan sheet. I have always thought of myself as organized and prepared for any and all situations. When I first started teaching, I never thought about pre-planning my presentations, as I was ?too busy? to do that and didn?t need to do it because I was ?so organized.? What this form has taught me, is no matter how organized you think you are, it never hurts to write it down to make sure you did not forget something. So rather than going at a lesson now as I always did, I will be sitting down first with my Lesson Plan, and planning out my lessons. The other most valuable asset I gained from the course is further exposure to British english terms and definitions. Being an American, there are multiple teachings that are so much different from British english, that I would struggle with why I could not understand the appropriate usage in certain situations. As I continued through the course, some of the teachings made it clear that there were a number of differences that I did not quite understand. Thankfully, the course made it clearer for me, and helped me along in my development.