Teach English in HenansAnmenxia Jingji KAifAqu - Sanmenxia Shi

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I have enjoyed this experience immensely and look forward to continuing with the teaching business english course. Once completed I will focus on where to take my certificates and learning experience and how to best put them to use. I have not decided yet on a destination. I may even think about teaching ESL classes. The possibilities are what makes life so exciting. I continue to be fascinated with language and how one teaches and learns it. (My graduate degree focused in part on psycholinguistics.) The experience has helped me to study once again at the micro level, focusing on both grammar as well as comprehension, and pronunciation. I found the materials to be comprehensive and interesting. I continue to read research articles that discuss the role of the first language, if one should use or permit the use of the L1 in the classroom, the benefits of gestures, group centered learning activities, mono and multi lingual classroom situations, evaluation methods?. The topics of interest are endless. I look forward to continuing in the field of TESL. Many thanks to Peter for his input and diligence.