Teach English in Jianxiqu Guanweihui - Sanmenxia Shi

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Throughout the course I have achieved a lot more than I expected when I first came to join the course; especially in the area of methods i.e. methodology. In fact, there?re many things I?ve obtained from the course as a result. Most importantly, I learned how to use materials on purpose i.e. teaching materials. Also, I become more confident so that I feel like enable to manage the class effectively. Accordingly, I can do a intimate relationship with my students as well. Now I?m planning to go back to my class and to adapt what I?ve learned during the course to my class although that?s not an english language class. In particular, I?m sure there?re a lot of practical ?activate phase? activities to use for the class, which are role-play, surveys, story building etc. Most of all, I really want to do a specific role-play with my students, which is called ?Finding You & Me?. Doing the role-play, they can be aware how to have/maintain a good friendship with each other.