Teach English in Lingbaoshiyuanyichang - Sanmenxia Shi

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To be honest, I have had numerous mistakes since I?ve started my teaching career. As I had had close-to-nothing knowledge about teaching back then, I had to tackle on most of the problems possible in class without preparation and determination. Once I?ve learned that speaking english well and teaching english well are completely different from each other, I?ve realized the situation and tried to come up with the best I could think of. However, it wasn?t easy to do so. After trying for a while and seeing little improvement, it was feeling of disappointment that overwhelmed my enthusiasm. Since then, I have resorted to the easier, but no better way in all of my classes. That?s when I felt I needed some change. So I decided to do something about it; taking TESOL (TEFL) course and seek for my own break-through from the rut where I was stuck in. Now here I am, at the very last of the course, which proved to be one of the best choices I?ve made in the past several years. Through the course, I?ve learned many important things I hadn?t been aware of, not to mention recalling the lessons I?ve learned after numerous mistakes as well. Yes, I?ve earned what I had expected from the course, plus the confidence that comes from new knowledge. I feel more ready than ever to continue my career now; there are many new plans I?m eager to try, and I?m once again full of willingness to make some improvement.