Teach English in Yangdian Zhen - Sanmenxia Shi

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As I am a speech therapist I deal with language all day. But I work with only one student at a time in an almost ?medical? environment. With this course I learned how to deal with groups and try and work in a ?relaxed? atmosphere while keeping the class attentive and working. I learned the importance of taking into account the students? different backgrounds, different cultures, different levels, different progress speed etc? As I am not a native english speaker I could picture myself as the student, a few years back, when reading the class management units. Some of the grammar units were a good reminder of my language classes as a student and some of them were introducing new grammar points for me. Overall the course kept me interested all along. During the whole course I felt like I was somewhere in-between student and teacher. Studying how to be a teacher feels that way. Now that I?m finishing my last lesson I am moving away from the student part and entering fully in the teaching world. I hope I?ll always be able to picture myself as a student when I prepare my lessons and teach. I want to always be part of my classes and not build a wall between the teacher and the students. My goal is to become a fun and dynamic teacher, which makes students want to go to their language class. A teacher confident enough to have a good balance between discipline, amusement and learning. I want my students to have fun but still learn and progress. I don?t expect my first teaching assignment to be this perfect but I?ll work my way to it!