Teach English in Yangping Zhen - Sanmenxia Shi

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Though a bit skeptical about this course before starting it, I am very glad that I did it. I am particularly glad that I did it with tutor support ( a choice I made only because of the included business course). Though I have been teaching for a number a years I have been teaching conversational english to classes that were also studying with another english teacher. Because of this I never had to worry about grammar and so I found the grammar lessons particularly useful. Being forced to focus on grammar certainly was a confidence builder. I can?t really say I haven?t already forgotten a lot of the grammar rules but my notes will be most valuable in knowing where to look for them. I am now teaching mostly business english and on a free lance basis and have much more need for this. Since one never stops learning there were also many other parts of the course which were interesting and useful. Of course the most useful, as my tutor can attest ,were the lesson plans which at first I had enormous difficulty with and now still don?t find to come as naturally as I would like. I have however recognized the necessity of more structured planning and certainly will apply it in my future teaching (am already applying it I should say)