Teach English in Zhuyang Zhen - Sanmenxia Shi

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I think, most importantly, the course has given me the confidence necessary to stand up in front of a group of students and to teach them english. Whereas I was confident in my own english skills I now understand how I can use my skills to help others to learn english. The course has given me a greater appreciation for grammar that I had assimilated and taken for granted and has given me the necessary terms, understanding and skills to explain those grammar points. I have developed an understanding of different types of students I may encounter in different class situations and ways of appreciating their needs and concerns so that I can use this information to teach them in a way that is appropriate for them. I have learned about class management, something that I am sure will help me in the day-to-day teaching environment. I understand the ESA principal and will use it in lesson planning, making sure to engage students from the beginning of a lesson, and incorporating study and activate sections always maximising student talk time. I understand the importance of all four skills reading, writing, listening and talking as being a part of communication, and therefore english teaching and will incorporate all skills into lesson planning. I now appreciate that there is a huge amount of ESL resource material available and I will use this to help with class planning. I also understand the importance of using real materials in classes so that learners can relate their lessons to their interests. Once I am aware of students needs I will incorporate appropriate material into the classes. I have an understanding of phonetics which will help me to explain to students the way sounds are pronounced. I now understand how to use the board, as well as the many other pieces of equipment that may be available to aid my teaching and students learning experience. I understand that they are many types of students with varying levels of commitment to their english studies, and different aims from their english study. I will find out what it is they want to achieve and deliver lesson plans that will help them with their goals. Most importantly I have learned the importance of making the lessons fun and engaging so that the students enjoy while they are learning, and to make sure that they progress and are aware that they are progressing in their english studies.