Teach English in BeiguAn Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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I enjoyed the course immensely because of the breadth of subjects covered. This helped me review english Grammar as well as giving me very specific details on teaching various skills, using different methods, employing a variety of classroom materials (dvds, cds, televisions, internet, computers, whiteboard, photocopies, etc), etc. The individual attention that my tutor has given me has shown me that she reads through all of my answers and cares about my responses. She is readily available for questions and she is another source beyond the material provided for the course. Her constructive criticism is greatly appreciated and I value the feedback from her because I consider everything that I am told for future chapters/ situations. The course has helped me better organize my lessons into a format that is easy to understand and easier for an outside instructor to follow. Creating lessons plans that are catered to learning english has helped me prepare my coursework and given me time to carefully plan out a lesson. These lessons may be used to widen my repertoire of teaching materials. Meaning, that when I do decide on applying for a job, I will have already completed sample lesson plans that may be used as samples of work that I have created. One of my favorite parts of the course is the english Grammar. I have only learned english grammar indirectly, through learning other languages including German, french, some Hebrew, some Mandarin, and some Farsi. This is the first time I have been formally instructed on how to understand the nuances of english Grammar. This is something that I enjoy and will do my best in transmitting a clear understanding to my future EFL/ ESL students. This course tries to cover all of the basics that an instructor should be trained with prior to entering the classroom. It teaches the instructor how to be sensitive to students of different cultural backgrounds, in addition to giving ideas on how to instruct the language, from grammar to verb tenses, to vocabulary. There are many approaches that are combined to help the instructor concentrate on the writing, reading, speaking and listening elements of english and how best to implement them in the classroom. I know that this course has helped prepare me for the demands of instructing english (as a second language, or as a foreign language). I feel that I am prepared to create useful activities that engage the students and help them learn and answer most questions that I am presented with.