Teach English in Chenqingji Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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During this course I have learnt the theories of teaching from the teacher?s point of view. Having always been a student until now, I had my own theories on how it should be done based on teachers I thought were good and teachers I thought were bad. Now that I have read about class management and discipline from the teachers point of view some of my ideas have been changed and others have simple been reinforce. For example I have always gotten very irritated with teachers who do not adapt to my learning style. If the student is not getting it I feel that the teacher should always try explaining it in a different way. I have also been reminded of the many grammar points I use in day to day english but am not conscious of. I think this will be great help to my teaching in the future. This course has also made me think in detail about what I want to do in each lesson with is constant focus on lesson plans. I think this will be very helpful in the future. I plan to put all aspects of this course into use in my teaching career. I think a lot of what has been taught relates back to a simple fact that teachers should be well organized and adapt to their students. Doing this means that I will prepare for every lesson and then review what went wrong or right after the lesson. During the prep time I will ensure that I know the material and how I want to teach it, this process will use all of the skills learn during the course. When I review the lesson I may refer back to my notes for ideas on how to deal with a troublesome aspect of teaching. Over all I think this course will help my in becoming a successful teacher.