Teach English in Chezhan Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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The greatest things that I learned from this course are the grammar points. I was great to have clear examples, activities, and concise examples. I was able to use this in my teaching, as well as use some of the activities in my classroom with my students. This gave me time to be reflective with my teaching. I was able to step back and see where I can improve and where I am right on target with my students. In addition to this, it was neat to see the actual class from thailand in the video. I have taught english abroad only in japan, but I really hope to make it to Vietnam or thailand one day. It was interesting to see an adult class in Thailand, how the class was set up, and how class was conducted. I was able to gain a lot from this. Having the tutor also helped a great bit. If I had made a mistake in the unit, Darren was great to give me tips and point out my errors in an encouraging way. I felt as though I was receiving positive feedback all the time and actually learning something - you often take online courses and feel as though you have gained absolutely nothing from the class.