Teach English in Cuocheng Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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In this course I have learned to use the ESA method for lesson planning. It has given me the tools for constructing a functional lesson and it was very useful in that sense, but I still have to learn how to use them successfully in the real world. I plan on doing that by starting with teaching the basics to students from beginner to intermediate level and hopefully progress enough over time to be able to teach higher levels as well. The course was also a revision of grammar for me, concerning the english language. I think I understood all of it pretty well, but I?m sure that I am going to have to look back when I am teaching any specific subject. This mostly for feeling well prepared, which always feels more comfortable. I do feel a bit nervous due to my lack of experience as a teacher, but I mostly feel excited about starting something new and finding out if I can really read people and their educational needs, if you catch my drift. What I have gained most of all from this course is mental preparation for my future teaching career. By having to complete all the units and lesson plans involved, I had to picture specific teaching situations and come up with solutions. That doesn?t happen when you are daydreaming about standing in front of the class. I am sure I still have a lot to learn and hopefully it will come naturally over time, with the necessary work involved. By following this course I was made to think about real situations and how I should behave myself as a teacher in the broader sense and as a conveyer of information specifically. Although I am pretty sure that in reality it will be different from how I picture it, at least I have something to hold on to. I am sure I will be reading all the units again.