Teach English in Dayangji Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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I have learned a lot of valuable information from this course about different kinds of learners and their needs. I have learned how different age groups and cultures may react to english language learning. I have learned some good ideas about classroom management and indispensable information about discipline and problem solving in the classroom. I have learned a lot about using many different methods and materials to meet the needs of many different kinds of students. I learned how to plan lessons in a way that allows for efficient time management. All of these excellent tools I plan to put into action when I find myself in front of the class. I will plan all of my lessons so that I can remain organized and I will certainly use some of the teaching ideas and games to keep students engaged in the materials. I will be careful to check the needs of different students based on their backgrounds and levels. I have also received an excellent review of basic english grammar points that is a wonderful refresher that will allow me to explain certain tedious details with much deeper accuracy. I have learned some great teaching ideas for these specific points that I will use in classes whose needs can be best met by these ideas. Overall I have gained a lot of great reminders as well as new ideas for conducting a fun and successful english class.