Teach English in Fengqiao Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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I have personally gained that I can learn grammar! I usually don?t like grammar, and it was very difficult for me to grasp, but I did it! As I was looking back over my notes last night I realized how much I have learned over these last 5 months. I can use the information from this course as a resource, for creative ideas in lesson planning, for game ideas etc. whenever I need help teaching english as a second language. I was an english conversational teacher in japan for 1 year and 9 months, so I understood that side of english, but I have never taught the more technical side of english using grammar, and worksheets, and clauses and modals etc. It?s not my favorite, but I learned I can do it. I?m sure I would even get better at grammar the more I worked with it. That is encouraging to me as well. Because it can be difficult at first, but with study, time, and patience, I can learn it, and teach it as well. When I would talk to my friends or family about grammar, most people said they didn?t enjoy learning it either. I?m not quite sure how I will put into action what I have learned specifically. I have some ideas. One idea is to tutor for international students at our local college. I especially like english conversation, but I think I may be able to try to tutor for the more technical issues of english like perfect continuous sentences etc. Our church teaches an ESL class two times a week. I hope to volunteer there and learn more about teaching english as a second language. In the summer there are many groups that come to Bakersfield from other countries, I could be their english teacher for the 9 days they are visiting here. I could also substitute teach at our local IELC (Intensive english Language Center) at the local college. I work as an aid in the mornings, but I may be able to sub for the afternoon classes. Our family would like to visit japan in two years. It is my goal to travel there. With this certificate, I could teach during our short stay there to help pay for the expense of the trip. I am involved with our local International Friendship Partners group where I can be a talk-time volunteer. Now that I have this knowledge, I can better come alongside the students and help them with their english learning endeavor. Overall, I am glad to have taken this course. When I taught english in Japan, I enjoyed myself. By studying this course, I have realized that I really do like this subject matter, and should consider teaching english as a second language perhaps on a full-time basis.