Teach English in GuAntang Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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This course has been valuable to how I approach the idea of teaching. It is a good reminder to teach lessons at the class's pace and not my own. I have enjoyed the review of grammer as well as the reminder of how difficult it can be for learners of english to comprehend all of the rules within the english language. My favourite lessons were those that put learning behaviour into perspective, such as young learners versus adult learners or the mastery of perceptive and receptive skills. I am eager to begin teaching and applying all that I have learned. I am most excited to witness the moment of comprehension when a student understands a concept for the first time or he/she can help to teach others. I look forward to applying the skills, understanding, and patience of learning and teaching to everyday life through volunteering with non-english speakers as well as when working with younger students. This has been a fun course and I am happy to have had this opportunity.