Teach English in Handaokou Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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Through the course I have learned that teaching goes further than simply instruct and correct students. To teach effectively, a teacher must know what kind of student one has what level of english a student has. Once a teacher gets to know about his/her students, a teacher must be always planning and think reflectively, so lessons could be varied depending on students? needs and weaknesses. To achieve students learn effectively, a teacher must play different roles in the classroom. The role of the manager, organizer, prompter, tutor, facilitator, and monitor. Furthermore, to make sure our students benefit from every lesson, we have to use different approaches and techniques that suit our students learning styles. Grammar translation, audio lingualism, the communicative language teaching or the lexical approach among others can be chosen modified or adapted to teach a lesson. We can use any approach or technique, but it has to be well structured in a smooth sequence of activities like the engage, study and activate stages. The boomerang or patchwork lesson can be used in different ways to make our lessons more effective. In addition, to avoid monotonous and boring lessons, we can make use of games that help the lesson be engaged. Games can help build rapport among students and the teacher. This will make easier for students to work in pairs or groups, plus, the teacher could sit students in different ways. But not only games, but also materials like realia, flashcards, pictures, videos, created materials, authentic materials, etc. used in class provides variety and engagement. Those materials can be used to teach receptive skills (listening and reading) and productive skills (speaking and writing) for which we will need to use equipment like computers, photocopiers overhead projectors, worksheets, and course books. This equipment and materials designed to be used in class must help us maximize learning and increase students talking time and reduce ours. But we must not forget to provide feedback an error correction using different techniques like self-correction, student to student correction, teacher-student correction that help students become proficient user of the language. Finally, to give effective lessons, teacher have to plan, adapt, modify, add, and change activities from class to class in order to reach all students learning styles. We have to anticipate problems and find solutions for those possible problems, so we can assure that lessons run smoothly and all students can benefit from our teaching.