Teach English in Huabao Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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I have personally gained lots of grammar knowledge including the different parts of speech, verb tenses, vocabulary, passive and active voice, etc. I have also learned many different teaching ideas for activities. I have learned the different roles of a teacher and what makes a teacher a good teacher. There are also differences in between adult and young learners considering that young learners quickly absorb more information. It?s important to take note of the different levels of students. Most lesson plans have a basis of three areas being engage, study, and activate. I feel as if the engage stage is the most important, because if you don?t have your students interested in the topic they may not be too eager to learn. This course has shown me a variety of ways to get students interested in many different learning tasks. An effective teacher doesn?t only use their voice for teaching but also their gestures and eye contact can make a big impact. I also realize that classroom dynamics such as the setup of the desks and board, lighting, and the overall environment can make a difference. As a teacher I also realize that speaking, reading, writing, and listening are all four equally important in order for a student to properly learn a language. Some of these may need more focus than the others, yet to be fluent means that the person has a good grasp and comprehension on all four. Learning intonation and stress in speech is also important to sound like a native speaker, these can be hard topics to teach, but with practice begins to come naturally. I plan on using a mix of authentic and created materials in my classroom. I would like to lean towards using more created materials since you can create the lesson to be more relevant to your students? interest and also keep things interesting for myself. I would also want to do a pre-assessment skills test and then check the students? progress throughout the course. It is a good idea to evaluate your students throughout the entire learning process, that way you can pay attention to the changes and make any changes need be necessary for the next course. In order to keep things more entertaining in the classroom there are all sorts of technology available to us today, just depending on what the school has to offer where you are teaching at. Students may often know more about technology than you do yourself.