Teach English in Huanggang Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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Main point/s of something # 1: It's an interesting thing the english language. It has been my friend for the last 30+ years as I ventured, sometimes wide eyed, to many places in the world to see what I might find. During the completion of this course I became aware that while I have a good command of the spoken word, and during my travels have been able to use it to get out of some particularly tricky situations, I have been lacking in a more formal understanding of some of the finer points of english. So, what I have gained from this course is enhanced english language skills, a more formal understanding of teaching methods, and a personal commitment to expand upon both. Main point/s of something # 2: About 2 months ago I completed a task I set myself 2 years ago, that being my visitation of all 64 Vietnamese provincial capitals. During that time I made contact with some NGO's who direct their efforts towards educating disadvantaged youth in vietnam. Next year, on the 24th of January, I make my way to Central Vietnam, an area whose population is still impacted upon by the long term economical and environmental disasters generated during the America war against Vietnam. Whilst in Vietnam I will spend the first 3 months working as a volunteer english teacher. On a daily basis, part of my time will be with a charity that assists students whose economic situation does not offer them much hope beyond a basic education and a poorly paid & mundane working life. One of the strategies of this charity is to provide students with english language skills that will assist them in obtaining employment within the tourist industry. Another part of each day will see me working with an orphanage that provides assistance to children who find themselves 'in difficult circumstances'. By profession I am a network engineer, so teaching is a foreign thing to me, but hopefully, after 3 months, I will have gained enough teaching experience to perhaps gain some form of paying position that will allow me to further my teaching skills as well as fund an extended stay in Vietnam as I expand upon my well pronounced but broken Vietnamese language skills.