Teach English in Jiangkou Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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My mind started to work more creatively in thinking of activities. Before I thought that the course book is the only and great guide, now I see that it is used only partially, I see that the flexibility of the teacher is very important. Now I know how to adapt the authentic articles to the lesson and create the exercises on my own! This can make a lesson very personal. Thanks to the course now I have a variety of great games and resources to be used during the lesson. I have understood some specialties between different groups of students that learn english. business english teaching and teaching of kids differs definitely! But in both categories ? the interest in learning is very important. I caught a special feeling about teaching: make your students develop creativity and use the language as much as possible, be unexpected in your tasks, be open and kind, be friendly, be true and reliable, make the students believe in themselves and feel free to make experiments, let the students see, hear, produce and feel english language, and finally one day they will start thinking in english and it will be truly a new door opened for them and inside them. In the future I plan to gain the teaching experience. I want to try it in russia first to feel myself a bit more confident. Then I want to go to far lands and teach there too, exchanging the culture and gaining new experience, and feeling myself alive and connected to the world. I plan to write a resume and send it to the companies that require english teachers for beginner levels. This is what I think ? to start from the beginning?