Teach English in Jiazhai Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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It was a very useful and interesting course for me. As a non-native speaker I found all the units extremely useful. The grammar units helped me to focus on various grammar points, study and analyse them. There was a good amount of grammatical theory and exercises; they?ve helped me to clarify its use in my head, so I can explain it better when teaching. I also came to the conclusion that there is always more to learn and I should not stop here. I have already benefited from it as I became an english teacher in russia and sometimes my students are asking me questions that I don?t know answers to. When this is the case I refer to the grammar units in my tesol course and look for the answer there first. I will then try and answer those questions some time during my next lessons. The teaching units were great! They have really helped me to get familiar with the teaching process, teaching methodology and techniques. The ESA scheme helped me to learn how to structure my lesson plans. I seem to be the only teacher who bothers writing detailed lesson plans in my school. I would also like to mention the video that was so illustrative of how teaching can be, what looks good and what doesn?t, etc. It was a valuable experience and I?ve learnt what I should not do as a teacher. I have also learnt about grammar presentation from the video lesson 2. Although as a new teacher I still find the grammar presentation the most difficult part. I believe that I will learn it better after I have taught it a few more times, but overall the course was my guide to this new, honourable and rewarding profession, I wouldn?t have managed that well without it and still intend to continue learning other additional skills on the ITTT course followed by the TEYL course. I will also take my first group of young learners and combine the course with work experience at the same time to practice the theory learnt in those units.