Teach English in Jiegou Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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This course has many different facets to it and has covered a wide range of topics ? theoretical, and applied. I have learned and developed a better understanding of how the english language is assembled and how it can be taught to others who wish to learn. Although I am a native english speaker, I took most of my ability to speak english for granted and never paid much attention to structure, grammar, or the more technical components like intonation. Prior to taking the course, I knew the basic tenses, but I would never have been able to tell someone what tense a phrase was in; now I can with confident accuracy. In addition to the components of the language, I had never given much thought as to the exact approach or style to use when teaching students for the first time. I have a whole new perspective on games, activities, and teaching techniques like drilling. The course has also offered insight into the use of different materials like flashcards, props, course-books, and a variety of different website resources to help facilitate my new interest in teaching. The template illustrating how to establish a lesson plan has been of great use in my teaching and preparation before class ? as well as the differing approaches for E-S-A lessons such as the boomerang style. The course has not just helped with my understanding of the english language and techniques to use while teaching, but it has also taught me other things to be aware of while teaching that other wise I would not maybe be conscious of. These would be things like speaking loudly, classroom organization, size and clarity of writing, and dealing with discipline and special needs students. In all, this was a great experience taking the course and broadening my understanding and awareness of proper teaching approaches in teaching non-native english speaking people. It has been a pleasure.