Teach English in Likou Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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All that I?ve learned is already in practice with the two students I tutor through the county Literacy Council. I have learned so much about grammar, filling gaps I didn?t know were there. Sometimes my students would have a question about what type of word something was that I couldn?t answer. Other times, I would start a grammar lesson that seemed simple but ended up more complicated than I realized as, again, there were questions I couldn?t answer. I also greatly value the lesson planning practice. That was the aspect for which my training from the Literacy Council left me least prepared. As a result of this course, my lesson plans are astronomically more organized. Before, I would go into a lesson with a vague idea of the topic I wanted to cover and how I wanted to explain it and I would make up everything else on the spot using the resources I bring to every class. The only problem with that was that lessons were often unfocused and/or ended up somewhere I wasn?t prepared to handle. Now I can plan a solid lesson with relative ease.