Teach English in Limin Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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"Teaching" is an easy word to say but a difficult challenge to succeed at. If teaching meant simply showing up and talking about something you knew, I wouldn't have taken this course. However, I didn't expect the course to challenge my knowledge of grammar, critical thinking, writing skills, and creativity to the extent that it did. While before the course I perceived myself as a language-savvy, culturally sensitive college graduate with a genetic predisposition for teaching, I now realize how much more I had to learn to become a successful teacher-- and that grammar is only one aspect of many. The course has made me aware of the skills that I have yet to hone to the extent that is needed for true success, such as patience, resourcefulness, adaptability, empathy, perseverance, thorough planning, organization, unconditional respect, unwavering positivity, and the list goes on. I have gained a better understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses and how they are likely to interact with teaching and with the diverse strengths and weaknesses of others. This new self-perception will allow me to continually examine my skills and my relationships with others. The skills I have learned-- or learned that I need to learn-- will sick with me for years to come. I am tremendously grateful for the metaphorical kick in the rear this course delivered each week, as I am confident that I have the capacity to develop into the educator the course intends me to become.