Teach English in Longgang Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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Frankly saying I learnt a lot from completed course and thank you very much. However I knew most of the learnt topic before, but they were as general information. I learned the details of: - the structure of internationally recognized lessons. (I knew and planned my lessons before in accordance to our national methodology of teaching english, which is based to the former Soviet linguistics. The ESA lesson planning which I liked a lot is easier and more effective that that I had before); - the clarification and identification of my students. (There are specific factors which the teacher should take into account to identify his/her students for lesson planning the lesson, such as their age, knowledge level, stimulation and flexibility); - the classification of activities held during the lesson.(Before I did not pay enough attention on their content, structure, type and the time of holding. It seemed that working and using the targeted activities is not so simple); - the structure and classification of the tests (Before I knew only about TOEFL and ITELS tests, which are internationally recognized. It seemed that there are different internal and external tests with different content and purposes); - etc. Generally saying I learned and enjoyed the methodological advices and ideas of the course.