Teach English in Longtang Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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I feel as though I have gained a great deal from this course in terms of understanding various teaching techniques and the best ways to implement them. Two of the main things I think I will take away from the teaching units of the course is that it is never possible to over-plan for a lesson, and to always remain flexible and willing to vary the lesson in order to keep it relevant and interesting, should the need arise. The lesson planning aspect was initially one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of the course for me, however as the units progressed I found it became gradually easier to formulate plans and I can now appreciate that entering into a lesson with a well-thought out plan would help the lesson to run smoothly and logically and hopefully avoid - or at least anticipate - problems. I also learned (or more appropriately re-learned) a lot from the various different grammar units in the course. I am aware that as a native english speaker we tend to take various grammatical rules and patterns for granted and often structure our language in a certain way without actually thinking why. It was useful to refresh the foundations of english grammar, as I appreciate that this is something that new learners of english will be required to understand in order to better make sense of the language. I hope to be able to provide private tutoring to individual students here in hong kong.