Teach English in Luhe Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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Prior to reading each unit?s coursework I would browse through the accompanying worksheet and try completing the questions pertaining to grammar issues. For example, ?What is the past perfect tense of the following sentence?? or ?Write this sentence in reported speech.? I did this as I was curious as to how good my english actually was. I found that I was able to answer about 95% of these type of questions correctly although I did not understand the underlying reasons and rules for writing the answers in that form and more importantly I would not have been able to explain to anybody else why I had done so. I was pleased that I had a good foundation on which to build on but rather frustrated and annoyed that I knew so little about the mechanics of my native language. The course has given me the knowledge I need to understand why I do what I do when reading and writing english. It has provided me the grammatical terminology and rules for things that I had done instinctively without knowing why. But most importantly it has given me the necessary tools to explain it to others in a manner simple enough to be understood. Away from the mechanics of the language it has also given me an understanding of what it means to be a teacher and provided plenty of sound advice on how to be a good teacher. It has taught me about issues I had not even considered, steered me away from methods that with hindsight I realize could have had adverse consequences and reinforced some ideas that I had developed and hence made me think I was not a complete idiot. It has given me a huge amount of information and teaching suggestions which I will employ in my classroom when teaching using the ESA method. I plan to use all the lessons I have learned so far as the basis of my teaching method. I plan to study a further two courses which will no doubt add to my knowledge. I will also read books recommended by the course and seek advice from other teachers. I will unfortunately for the students in my first few courses learn by trial and error but in time I will develop my own style based on my own personality and the students? needs. I have the knowledge but this will only be effective when mixed with experience. The course has provided me with the confidence to go seek that experience.