Teach English in MangshAn Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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From this course, I have gained knowledge, not only on english grammar, but also on how important it is to have a teacher who is there for his/her students emotionally. Each child needs to be looked at carefully as well as their needs and their progress to help them in their education in english. I have also learnt that each student will respond to different ways of teaching, which is not wrong, but just means that the teacher has to cater to their different needs by combining these methods. Basic teaching ideas, such as drilling and repetition, make a lot of difference. This is very useful especially with younger children and often putting things into a song makes them remember certain words easily. This is something I have realised the importance of during this course, and I have currently been putting this in to action and revising certain topics at the beginning of each class. Seating arrangement is another factor that is very important and a lot can depend on this. From what I studied in the course, I think I would put the horseshoe arrangement into practice, depending on the class size. This way, all students will be able to see me and will keep their attention; also they will be seated near their classmates, which will make them feel more at ease. Also, the use of games, especially with the younger students is essential. They are not only to be used for warm up activities but also for their learning. However, the use of the book is also important but I have learnt from the course that it has to be ensured that a teacher does not depend on a coursebook as this only restricts the students? learning as well as the teacher?s creativity. Building rapports are essential to communicating with students and their education. It is always the teacher that influences how a student feels about a specific subject, therefore, it is important to make positive comments to each student. Also, the attitude of a teacher affects class dynamics greatly hence why it is important to use positive language at all times but when it is the right moment to be firm, it is important that the teacher gets respect from his/her students at all times. A kind and lively teacher also makes students more confident and less shy of making mistakes. I have realised too, from the course, that even putting on an ?act? and doing ?silly? things in the class can contribute to making the student feel comfortable.