Teach English in Matou Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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Personally, I don?t believe I have learnt enough to do any student?s under my tutelage true justice. By this, I mean that I would be responsible for these people?s ability to speak a language that may be crucial to their futures, and the impact a teacher has is paramount in this respect ? I could single-handedly be responsible for ruining their formative years and creating a permanent block in the case of children if I was found lacking in my abilities, and I would not want to be the cause of difficulty in peoples lives, as this happened to me regards mathematics ? I had the head of the mathematics department as my teacher for the final three years of my secondary school education, and he was so busy with paperwork all the time that he just explained at the beginning with board work and then left us to it; unfortunately for me, I performed poorly from this set of affairs, whereas in the years before I was competent in mathematics. I have found now, coupled with the atrocious physics classes I mentioned in an earlier unit, that, despite this, I fell in love with astronomy and the physics and biology and chemistry involved, but due to my massive ignorance from the mental block that eventually formed from so much difficulty and so many failures at physics and especially mathematics, that I find it excruciatingly difficult to follow any of the true physics behind my favourite aspect of astronomy which is astrophysics, and so rely on the books and television programmes that explain it in english rather than mathematics ? the irony of two of my worst classes being one of my favourite subjects is not lost on me, even my electronics class which is related was awful as I sat with a brainbox who darted off to get the equipment and built all the circuit boards before I could even say a word about letting me do something, and he continued to do so even after I mentioned it; rather unsurprisingly I failed that course (the surprising part is that my father was at the time an electrical engineer and genius in mathematics, so even with his help, school is the single most important resource of education)! Hence, after that exhaustive sentence should portray, I have a huge sense of self-imposed responsibility for the dissemination of the seed of knowledge that will allow a pupil to fully access their potential in the field of english, in this example, or indeed any other subject that may become a passion of the person/s involved. The course itself was full of useful information and techniques, but I would prefer to continue my learning; as was said in the course itself, it would take four years to learn the ins and outs of grammar (I believe that is a master?s degree). It has left me with doubts of my ability, but the positive side of that is now I realize what is necessary and can focus on that if I so choose ? I have started looking into teaching assistant roles to see if I can garner any experience and move forwards from there. I think it is a very well laid out course which covers everything you could think of as necessary for the basics of teaching the english language, but it is so much more involved than that, and though the feedback I have received is encouraging, I wouldn?t feel comfortable just yet jetting off somewhere exotic and jumping into a class for the first time as the lead tutor in the class!