Teach English in Miaoqiao Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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This course was a great introduction to understanding and learning about a variety of issues the students will encounter. Each unit gave pertinent and relevant information about classroom situations and helped dispel fears about entering the classroom. The main lesson from the course is to prepare for different situations. Each student will have a strengths and weakness but being able to target weakness takes a certain amount of preparation and confidence. Understanding specific issues allows us to confidently diagnose students and also enables us to constructively help them improve by implementing some sort of a curriculum. Having a planned structure in class gives the students a sense of security, progress, and allows them to be objectively graded. Instruction books are crucial for students as they give them a tangible assignment and a usable reference. Schools offer the students discipline and rigor but private lessons are independent of instituted structure so knowing how to pinpoint and help students from the perspective of a more rigid environment helps us keep an objective stance on their coursework.