Teach English in ShAngqiushi Linchang - Shangqiu Shi

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When I first enrolled to take tefl course online I was extremely nervous because I was not sure what I was going to expect, and also I was concerned what if the course reveals how incompetent I am as a teacher? Certainly I was able to relate to what my students may feel when we begin a new lesson in english, no matter what level you are, you will always want to do well and succeed. I was pleasantly surprised at the information I was provided and the helpful feedback received from my tutor. Peter was very kind in explaining the information if I needed clarification, and certainly was available for any questions or concerns I had. Through my tutor I received an example of the good attributes that I have read about being a good teacher. I always knew what to say in english because I am a native speaker, but to explain why I choose the words I do into an explanation to another person was rather difficult. I was not ready and I felt inadequate as well as unsure of what to say. After taking the course I was surprised at all the various grammar and terminology used in english. I can now better relate why it is more difficult to understand. When I had to reiterate the lesson back to my tutor, at times I found myself fumbling for words on how I can explain the material back. It was easier to read but to reapply the information in my own words was a bit a challenge. I only understand the material because I just know that it is the correct thing to say, but to actually explain why it is correct would be difficult. Just like being asked to explain what does each letter in a word represent, the first thought that came to my mind was ?they spell the words.? After I learned more about grammar and the essence of the english language, if I was asked the same question I would respond differently. I would explain that the letters of our alphabet, like in any other language, is used to designate sound and guide the person on how the word will sound phonetically as well as help communicate non-verbally. From all the materials that I have learned from this course, I am better equipped on the different various methods used in teaching english as well as how to overcome difficulties faced. On top of this I am able to give more formal explanations on english grammar that I was unsure of how to explain before I took this course. My teaching experience in english has only been to minor workshops and one year as an afterschool teacher in a rural elementary school in South korea. I intend to go back to South Korea fairly soon, and hope to teach english to various levels of students. I feel I am better equipped with the new gained resources to prepare more efficient lesson plans as well as utilizing different teaching methods. With my responses for each unit, I will now pay more attention to the smallest details to better myself as a teacher. The advice that I wrote on the unit on how a teacher from unit 10 in a video could be more effective with his class, I will apply the same assessment to myself. I feel I am able to create more effective lesson plans, as well as provide more activity ideas according to the lesson. I want to apply the information and techniques as well as the resources and feedback I have received from this course to become a more efficient teacher with a more effective lesson with my future class. I look forward to having a successful class the next time I return back to South Korea as an english teacher.