Teach English in ShuAngbA Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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By taking this course, I was given the opportunity to learn and practice different language forms and ways of approaching students in the most effective ways possible. The elements that had the most impact on my learning experience however are the different ways in designing lesson plans, especially regarding the generic but effective ESA, patchwork, boomerang, and other patterns that can be used for almost any group of students. These methods of teaching have helped me understand how to incorporate materials that need to be taught by ultimately focusing on the independent progress of the student rather than the teacher. In other words, the value of student output is much greater than the input from the teacher. In relation to lesson planning, I believe that I now have a better understanding of what kinds of activities can be appropriate for use in the classroom for helping students improve their language skills while still keeping them motivated to learn. I feel that the importance of keeping the content interesting while continuously providing an educational base is extremely relevant. I plan on designing my lessons with these things mind, by preparing games, worksheets, presentations, projects, and other activities to help them progress and to keep their learning experiences enjoyable. The practice and knowledge I've gained from this course will be utilized to have the most effect on the student as possible. This includes factors such as judging the appropriateness of the material for different levels, culturally relevant subject matter, pace and direction of the lesson, my general attitude toward the class, and countless other things that have been provided for me throughout the course.