Teach English in ShuAngta Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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As a teacher you need to possess certain qualities. You need to develop a good relationship with your learners, be fair and create an environment in which learners feel safe to participate. One has to have good subject knowledge and the ability to create lessons that are at the right level for the learners. I would say it would be a great idea to decide before applying for a job or even before studying what age group you think you will feel comfortable working with. Choosing the wrong one may make you feel frustrated, unhappy and therefore you may unconsciously not give your all to your learners. As teachers you have to expect learners to be de-motivated and this may be due to a number of reasons, it will be your job to encourage them. During the course I was able to revise different grammar points, parts of speech and brush up on my knowledge of english, these will more than help within my teaching. I have learned that there are different teaching methods, which if used together are what make a good teacher, these involve repetition, relating topics to learners contexts, group work, role plays, these all need to be included in a lesson to make them fun and interesting. I plan to make use of these teaching methods within my classroom and in all my lessons. I was able to revise tenses and the different forms. I learned about using ones voice in the classroom to the advantage of all learners. Seating arrangements within the classroom are important and I learned about the benefits and disadvantages of the different seating arrangements. I have learned how to make use of different groupings of learners within the classroom. I plan to make use of these arrangements and group work or pair work, this will help me not to focus my attention on individuals but to be more inclusive of all members within the classroom. Teacher talk time is important as well as learner talk time. I have realized that as a teacher you have to devise your own way of ensuring learners understand you or your instructions especially when it comes to completing tasks, just asking learners if they understand does not mean that they do. As a teacher you need to adjust your choice of vocabulary and the level at which you speak to that of the learners. My lesson plans will be structured correctly as I have had quite a bit of practice I am now aware of the fact that lesson plans are effective when they are thorough and can be repeated by anyone else, therefore they should include as much detail as possible. I realize the importance of planning and how much it can impact on the success of lessons. From the readings I have learned that there are two receptive skills, reading and listening and that learners require special skills to read and write successfully. When planning a lesson choosing a topic is one of the most important steps, which will also determine the success of your lesson. Topics need to generate interest. Text choice is also important and when selecting appropriate text you have to consider the difficulty level of the vocabulary within the text and if your learners will understand that vocabulary. There are also two productive skills speaking and writing and similar to the two receptive skills of reading and writing they are important; learners need to practice these skills. As a teacher you need to develop ways to encourage learners to speak and interact within the classroom and to create an environment in which they are comfortable in doing this. I have realized the importance of teaching pronunciation as many non-native speakers are unaware of the mistakes they make when speaking, therefore I would encourage the use of chanting together so that learners will get a chance to practice and model from a native speaker. They need to be able to be understood and they need to be able to express emotions when they speak therefore I will stress the importance of intonation and stress I realize that as a teacher one needs to be creative especially when it comes to selecting materials, I will therefore be making use of authentic materials as well as materials that are geared to the levels I may be teaching in. I have realized the importance of evaluating learners fairly. Lastly as a teacher one cannot let a limitation of resources de-motivate you as I said before teachers should be creative and innovative and resourceful regardless of which school you may end up in. which could range from a school where each learner has a course book and technology (TV, computer, laminators, photocopiers, internet etc.) are readily available as opposed to working in a school where the classroom has no blackboard on which to write.