Teach English in Shunhe Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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There are two major benefits I have gained from this course. The first being the information I now have on the technicalities of the english language, which for me was extremely interesting and stimulating. The second major benefit for me was learning about and actually addressing how to plan a lesson, which was a new concept to me. Although I have helped out in classrooms with children in the past, I have never been responsible for leading the activities so it was a good push into this position to have to say exactly what I proposed to do with my time with the class. Initially I felt a little annoyed by the lesson plans, and tried to just ?get them done? until it dawned on me that they can actually be used for lessons which I will be teaching in future, and that planning them in more detail would benefit me in future as I would have ready- prepared lessons at a time which could be very busy and stressful, i.e. starting a new job in a new area. In realising this about my own learning I also realised how important it is that my future students appreciate why they are learning and how it can be useful to them and benefit them in a real way, rather than just reciting grammar at them. Overall I was grateful to have the opportunity to learn more about the english language and take the time to study this myself, because it is a subject that I still want to know more about.