Teach English in Taiping Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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I found this course really useful and worthy to take. I?ve learnt a lot of practical things which I didn?t learn in 4 years of University. At University we focused on theory, that is important, but practical things like how to speak, how to arrange your board work, what games are good to play, etc were not taught. ESA lesson plan is really good. Thanks for lots of ideas for each stage. I?ve taught a group where students were at different levels. I don?t know what can be worse. While you try to work with weak students stronger ones lose their interest and yawn. When you try to give more difficult material to make them learn something, weaker students lose their interest, become discouraged and give up. I make them work in pairs, stronger student in pair with the weakest one, I tried to use different material but that led to nothing. Thank you for the idea of same material, different tasks. I think it?s great and will work. I?m sure to use this technique in my lessons. But the main and most valuable thing I have learnt is the idea of what a teacher and teaching should be. I realized that my previous teaching practice was teacher-centered. Yes, maybe I did a good job, and tried to find interesting material and games for my lessons, but I had particular standards in my mind about program and timing. I?ve never planned my lesson plans according to students? abilities and needs, but according on my own standards, I expected too much, always focusing on what they couldn?t do instead of what they could. I also focused on what to teach and how to teach forgetting about activate stage, that is actually the most important. This led to disappointment for me and for my students as well. I?ve understood that motivation is not only in entertaining but also in good student-centered teaching. I will read all units from the beginning to revise first. Now I?ll plan my lessons basing on students expectations not on mine. I will not try to teach too much at once, but will go at students? pace. I?ll use ESA lesson plans always focusing on activate stage, because the main thing is to make students use the language on practice.