Teach English in Wangqiao Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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From this course, I have gained several things on a personal and professional level. From a personal point of view I have an insight as to how the english language is formed, the usage of grammatical structures and reasons for applying them. I feel confident in explaining different aspects about my native language which I was not before. I have understood the importance of having a good rapport with students or clients as it were, and have realized that this notion is not just to be taken across in an english teaching environment but should be implemented in all aspects of life; with family, friends etc. It has also given me an insight into the psychology of different students from different countries and varying age ranges. In addition, I have learned how to use my analyzing, communication and organizational simultaneously when planning lessons. The course has also allowed me to find a creative side, to arrange tests or lesson plans in a way which would suit a student. From a professional point of view, I feel more equipped to teach english to foreign students; as I now know the basics of english grammar, I can go on and learn more intrinsic aspects of this area, again gaining more confidence as time goes by. Having worked as an english assistant in a primary school, I feel that this course has really solidified my knowledge of working with non-native speakers. Now, I am looking forward to returning to teaching english abroad and will be reaping all the benefits of the course material and activities that have been given to me.