Teach English in WangzhuAngzhai Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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I have learned a lot about how english grammar works. Sometimes you don't realize just how things work. It's easy to take for granted the things that come naturally to us but to begin to understand how and why english works the way it does is rather interesting. I have really enjoyed learning how to make lesson plans. I know this will be a huge resource for me in the future. I'm getting better at lesson planning and really understanding how to put things together in the best way. I'm also learning how to be flexible and to plan ahead for whatever may happen. I've also gained a lot of knowledge about how to go about teaching english to foreigners. I have begun to really understand how the tenses work and how to explain why some things work the way they do in english. My husband Isaac will be graduating from the University of oregon this spring with a bachelors in Linguistics and we are planning on moving to japan for a while to teach english. I plan to use my knowledge and understanding of the information in this course to help tutor students in japan. One day we also hope to go back to china and teach again. My plan is to be the best tutor/english teacher I can with the skills that I've learned. I'm very grateful for this course and my tutor.