Teach English in Wolong Zhen - Shangqiu Shi

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I have personally gained a vast amount of knowledge from this course. It has been a great initial learning experience. I look forward to using the techniques that I have learnt to establish a new career and work toward being an effective classroom manager and a valued teacher. I have a whole new perspective on teaching and have gained a great deal of wealth and knowledge that will prove to be invaluable in the near future. The detailed materials in this course have taught me new skills that I can immediately put into practice in the real classroom, with the use of the white board, presentation, practice and production methods and a wide variety of demonstrational and instructional techniques. I have especially enjoyed learning how to create varied lesson plans that provide a balanced range of activities using visuals along with authentic/created material to enhance activities that will keep the learners engaged and involved. I have found the parts of speech, phonology, grammar and the tense systems to be a valuable reinforcement of my knowledge and I have greater confidence to teach learners a varied and balanced syllabus. The sections on teaching receptive and productive skills have added several layers of dimension to my creative thought process and intended teaching techniques. I have been able to use the information to add diversity to my lessons and make games and activities that are more interesting and in theory productive?. I have learned the significance and importance of the various evaluation and testing methods and how to asses and place the students in the appropriate class according to their language levels and why it is necessary to provide each learner with periodic information about their overall learning progress with regular evaluations to; review specific strengths or weaknesses that they may have, to help them with their progressive learning process. I now have a greater in-depth understanding of teaching special groups and individual learners with a clearly defined understanding of the different requirements that have to be considered when teaching the various special groups. I have been a business manager for many years in an english speaking environment. The classroom management section has presented me with a vast array of knowledge based tools with regard to the various organizational and leadership techniques used in the classroom from: the way we set-up a room for different activities, establishing rapport or using voice and eye contact to engage the students and convey subtle visual messages. The use of international gestures and visual aids will be incredibly helpful during the progressive process of teaching Beginner to intermediate learners and beyond. I have learnt many truly valuable things in my business management career, but without a doubt the single most important element in a business is your people and in the academic world that would be our students. By; having a good rapport with learners and earning their individual respect and mutual trust along with a genuine personal interest in each learner?s achievements and success will enable me to be a more effective teacher and undoubtedly enjoy greater success in the classroom. Upon completion of the TESOL certification course I will take the CTBE business english specialized course. Once I have earned both teaching certifications I will apply the knowledge that I have learnt to teach english in a private school in Yokohama, japan. I will also supplement my income by; periodically arranging group lessons in small companies teaching business learners english skills.